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Montana Breaks

Who We Are

Montana Breaks may be a new brand name, but we are certainly not new to this line of work. Located in Winifred, Montana, we are a sector of Mid-State Signs LLC, a multi-disciplinary sign shop with top-of-the-line machinery and sign makers. While we've always specialized in making signs, we are equally skilled at embroidery, laser engraving, and printing (direct-to-garment and direct-to-film). You can bring in an item or piece of clothing that you want customized, or order products through us. Now that we've grown as a company, we have decided to separate our sign business from our product customization business. Thank you for supporting us while we go through this branding transition! If you're here for a new sign, head over to Mid-State Signs.

With less than 10 employees, Montana Breaks operates like a big family; everyone works together and has unique strengths. When you bring a project to us, you will quickly become part of our team.

Up to this point, we have served clients mostly in the northwest US. However, we ship nationally and would love to work with clients all over the country. Whether you are seeking custom decorated coffee mugs, employee uniforms with your company's logo, T-shirts for a family reunion, or some Montana Breaks swag, we're your people. If you need help coming up with a logo or artwork, our graphic designer is ready to help you!

The Meaning Behind Our Name

The Montana Breaks, or the Upper Missouri River Breaks, is a vast area of public land in central Montana surrounding the Winifred area. Known for its unique landscape, wildlife, recreational opportunities, and history, we felt it was important to bring attention to the Breaks through our work. After all, our lifestyle and designs are inspired by this beautiful region.

Adventure Awaits

Come visit our store and explore the Montana Breaks while you're here. Book a room at Winifred International Suites and follow our central MT map to check out the best food and activities in central Montana!